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I'm Hayley Grosser, the founder of Hayley Grosser Coaching, specialising in helping you understand the energy and frequency of money. Through my money coaching for farmers, I've helped individuals revolutionise their relationship with money, build wealth across all areas of life, and live a life filled with abundance, purpose, and generosity.

My Transformational Journey

At 34, my life was a whirlwind of work, exhaustion, and un-fulfillment. Juggling an off-farm job I didn't enjoy to put food on the table, nurturing a start up farming business with my husband, and raising two young boys, our financial situation was far from comfortable. I often asked myself, "Is this it? Is this how life will be forever?"

I couldn’t work out what I was doing ‘wrong’…..

I had studied business and accounting at Uni, I was constantly budgeting, I knew where our money was coming from and going to…. I was ‘doing’ all the things I was ‘supposed’ to do, yet our financial situation was never changing. We would get two steps forward and then something would happen to bring us back to the same place… emotionally it was exhausting...

I remember though, the day that everything changed! I was sitting in a room of farmers listening to a presentation on money mindset. I realised in that moment, that it wasn’t what I was ‘doing’ that was wrong… it was my ‘thinking’ around money that was completely off the mark…

From here I consumed everything I could around money mindset and learnt to understand the energy of money. For the first time in my life, money became my friend, not my enemy.

Transforming Our Farm and Life

As my relationship with money grew, our farm business and life started to transform, and money started to show up and support us in ways I could have never imagined. This created a spark within me that has been the catalyst for the creation of The Abundant Farmer program.

With a solid foundation in Business and a Masters in Accounting, 15+ years in the property valuation and accounting fields, and nearly 10 years in the coaching space both individually and more recently with Farm Owners Academy, my journey has equipped me with a unique blend of financial acumen alongside the personal experience of working with other farmers, and also running our own farming business. This diverse background has been instrumental in shaping the Abundant Farmer program and ensuring it delivers real, tangible results for farmers looking to transform their financial futures and build financial resilience.

Today, my clients experience remarkable transformations, like a couple who saw over $100,000 of unexpected income flow into their business – a life-changing experience they had once thought impossible. To them that was a whole year of living… for people who were sceptical from the start, they were amazed at what they were able to achieve because of the program.

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Awards and Accreditations

The Coaching Institute Professional Coach Award
Associate Member International Coaches Guild Award
Meta Dynamics Level 1 Award
Meta Dynamics Level 2 Award

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